Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions?

I thought about writing one of those columns where I make up Resolutions for our local elected officials.  Then, I heard that being done on NPR today and decided some of those choices were pretty lame.  Now, not wishing to fall into that trap, I am instead making some wishes for the New Year.

•    I wish that the, too late for them this year -- guess I'll wait 'til fall and renew my hopes then.

Ten political wishes below!

1.    I wish that the ICC Highway folks would wait until construction is finished all the way through before this toll road is opened.  (That would allow us up here in Olney to have a bit more breathing room before we become inundated with unnecessary traffic.)

2.    I wish that the General Assembly and Governor O’Malley can come to an equitable solution regarding teachers' pensions and find funding for the pension system somewhere.  (We absolutely owe adequate funding of promised pensions to our teachers and civil servants.)

3.    I wish that County Executive Ike Leggett finds some new businesses that wish to relocate here, so our tax base will grow.  (Montgomery County needs to shed the oft-repeated label of "unfriendly to business.")

4.    County Council President Valerie Ervin is wished smooth sailing in contract discussions with union leaders and hopefully will find the necessary pots of gold somewhere.  (I know the Executive negotiates and the Council ratifies, but money is still required!)

5.    Newly elected Council members are wished well for this next budget season (advice will be freely offered -- stay tuned, guys.)   {Old timers on the Council are also wished success, you're not forgotten!}

6.    After a quite contentious election for some, which has now quieted down, I wish the Montgomery County delegation success in Annapolis in the 2011 session. (Several of our Delegates and Senators are moving into Leadership roles, so we should expect to see some progress on progressive issues, folks,  i.e. wind power, campaign finance reform, health care for all!)

7.    I wish that the newly elected Tea Party Republicans will read the complete Constitution and the Bill of Rights before they take office with the intention to undo these hard won freedoms.  (Don't you know -- freedom of speech, assembly, petition, religion, and of the press -- blogs included -- just in case you forgot.)

8.    Newly selected House Republican Chairmen are wished wisdom and restraint instead of partisanship hearings which waste taxpayers dollars. (Did not President Obama request that the Democratic majority not investigate President Bush and VP Cheney, but instead get on with the Nations' business?)

9.    I wish that the Senate will work as rapidly in 2011 as it did in the last two months -- this country needs some work done, such as Department heads and Judges appointed and laws and a budget passed. (Get to work, senators -- earn those good salaries you voted for.)

10.    As for President Obama, I have lots of good suggestions and wishes for him:

  • I wish that the Wars can be ended and our troops come home sooner rather than later,
  • that Guantanamo would close,
  • the jobless rates decrease and wages improve,
  • Health care for all expand and serve more,
  • the environment will continue to be protected,
  • and that the big banks work to really assist those facing foreclosure and try to help them keep their homes because a home of ones own IS the American Dream.
(I really would like to list more, but don’t wish to be pushy here.)

Please share your top ten or comment on these.  The wishes are obviously not all inclusive, just merely representational!

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  1. Two comments:

    1. ICC not opening until the entire monstrosity is finished: been there, done that... ask and answered against the wishes of the community, all for the sake of toll funds they say they need to offset the mortgage on our state transportation fund. They can have this road; I have no intention of using it.

    2. Tea partiers reading the U.S. Constitution: I guess you missed the news where it was reported that the entire Constitution will be read aloud on the House floor on January 6. Further, new House rules will require a statement about where a proposed law fits within the Constitution. This will be amusing -- those claiming to wrap themselves up in the Constitution will find out that many of their own ideas are unconstitutional.


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