Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to stand up and VOTE

Tuesday November 2nd has arrived -- it is now time for Americans to stand tall and let their votes be counted.  The TV ads will cease their incessant accusations, the mailbox will soon appear to just contain bills and junk mail; the messages on phone voice mails will probably decrease by 90%.  Dirty tricks are starting with fake magazines; false directions are being given about polling places and dates. In Georgia, tea party intimidators are announcing plans to challenge voters and decrease turnout, especially in minority districts.  When informed voters stay home, others with ill intent can make their votes seem larger. 

Much of this is not unique in the annals of American elections.  However the scope of it all this year certainly has escalated.  There has been more money spent in this mid term election than in previous Presidential year Elections.  It will soon be seen what the effect this entire advertising barrage has had.  Hopefully all of this negativity will not convince voters to stay home.  Voters must believe they have a stake in the outcome for them to make the effort to vote.  What kind of America is desired?  Is it the America that supports the lowest common denominators among candidates -- those who stand for nothing and want to tear down everything?  Or could it be the America that does believe that problems can be resolved if all work together with a common mission to make this the best country possible. It is predicted that the Democrats will hold precariously onto a Senate Majority but lose the House. It would be terrific if the pollsters and pundits could be proven wrong.

In Maryland the only sensible choice is to vote for the O'Malley/Brown team for Governor.  Two articles in the Washington Post described the personal styles of the two candidates for Governor.  O'Malley was described as putting in 18 hour days and asking for accountability across the state.  Ehrlich was portrayed as one who worked hard on his golf game while in office and hard as a lobbyist when out of office. He claims working class roots from the suburban Baltimore area. His running mate -- Mary Kane, who was the Secretary of State in his former administration -- is from this county.   Montgomery County was courted by O'Malley who was born here, while Ehrlich seemed to flirt with the County, then turned his attentions to Baltimore County where he is not favored to win either.   Current Lt. Governor, Anthony Brown -- a Reserve Army Officer who hails from Prince George's County, is expected to bring many of that county's significant African American voters to the ticket.  This will be in contrast to the race won by Ehrlich in 2002 against Kathleen Townsend when her pick for a running mate alienated many in this general area who had expected Ike Leggett to be on her ticket.   Voters sat on their hands in that race.  We cannot have that happen again as this state needs all good Democrats to step up and VOTE. The <i>Gazette</i> editorial which endorsed Ehrlich gave many spurious reasons to support him; the greatest seemed to be that one-party rule was somehow unhealthy. That argument does not hold water at the state or federal levels. So the best advice one can give is to vote for the person who has done a good job and stick with the known qualities of candidates who have served well.

Lastly -- support the Ambulance reimbursement -- Vote YES on Question A.

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